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Ranty side blog where I let my feelings go.

i feel like I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but i am also too stubborn to really admit it

uhhh i think a football player just asked me out

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do you ever try sending a sexy snap and fail


oops oops oops

Reblog if you want rough sex right now.

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do you ever meet someone and want to sit on their face 5 minutes after meeting them?

and then you get the chance to, but you don’t and spend every moment wishing you had

both of the boys i like the most are currently in europe


multiple boys finding me attractive at once?

future prospects?

raining men?

I like him a lot, but i know that i will probably get back together with my ex when school starts again because i want it to be easy and i am just feeling really conflicted right now

it is great because he wants to rip off my clothes, but also gets along with my family really well

Hahahahaha perfect excuse

Get with the program bitch

These songs are directed towards you

Please just talk to me

I miss you a lot and I just need to at least hear from you and I want to see you again before I go, but it’s another one of those situations where I am scared to act first, but if I don’t then nothing will happen